30. September and 1. October

Once again we invite all blood bowlers to lovely Bergen for Pouring Rain Open, the first and biggest NAF-sanctioned tournament in Norway. For the third year running we prepare for two days of dice rolling mayhem in fierce competition for fame, glory and very likely some nice prices.

Every little detail is available in our player pack, but here are the basics:

30. September – 1. October, 2017
Place: Bergen, Norway
Venue: Nordnes bydelshus, Klosteret 2, (city center)
Price: 300 NOK for NAF members / 350 for non-NAF members

Tournament rules and format

Pouring Rain Open is played with Competition rules pack including the rules for the three extra teams Slann, Underworld and Chaos Pact. BB2016 rules are included as per advised by The NAF here. We play according to the resurrection style of play. All coaches start each game with the same roster and skills they registered before the tournament. Six matches.

Hungry for more information?

In the 2016 edition of Pouring Rain Open 28 Blood Bowl coaches gave it their best and we hope to see even more contestants this year.

Big thanks to our awesome sponsors:

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